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I’ve created this site in the hopes of sharing my science and experiences as a budding evolutionary biologist. I’m currently in the last few months of my PhD and hope to dive into the realm of postdoctoral research sometime in 2016. I’m broadly interested in evolution and ecology, and approach my research from a multidisciplinary point of view, gaining insights from a range of scientific disciplines including molecular genetics, behavioural ecology, and experimental biology.

It’s my goal to add to the blog every fortnight, so welcome and I hope you find yourself wandering back here often over the coming months.

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78 Female Scientists Journey to World’s Edge | 1 Million Women

Dotted around the globe, over 70 women connect via conference call to discuss the shared vision of a more sustainable future in the face of climate change. As we prepare to embark on a journey to the edge of the world, the line is buzzing with an air of anticipation about what will be a global game changer to empower female leadership in science …

My article published today through 1 Million Women. Check it out here: 78 Female Scientists Journey to World’s Edge | 1 Million Women

Homeward Bound Crowdfunding Campaign

I’m excited to share with you all my involvement in Homeward Bound, a global collaboration of women, working together to communicate climate science and gender equity on the world stage. Check it out below!

78 Chances to save our world

Support my journey in Homeward Bound by visiting my Chuffed crowdfund page, and share far and wide!

Your support in any way, big or small, is sincerely appreciated, and I hope to make you all proud and share this experience with you as it develops throughout the year!

Thanks in advance, and much love to you all!

Future of Marine Ecosystems meeting: Many hands make light work & that pesky El Nino knocking on our door

Last week I had the wicked opportunity to join a bunch of enthusiastic researchers associated with the ARC CoE for Coral Reef Studies in Hobart, Australia, for the annual symposium and public forum, this year addressing the Future of Marine Ecosystems. There were many interesting talks that got my attention, from genetic connectivity in brooding and broadcast spawning corals between deep and shallow reefs (Pim Bongaerts at UQ),  to modelling complex coastal socio-ecological systems for more efficient management (by Beth Fulton at CSIRO and UTAS).

A clear message from the week was that multidisciplinary research, relevant to policy and management is key in addressing major questions related to marine ecosystems in a changing climate and increasing economic development. The El Nino weather shift knocking on our door was also highlighted repeatedly, and unfortunately is predicted to result in some major coral reef bleaching across the Pacific in the coming months, already a reality in the waters of our regional neighbours.

Featured Image: October 2015- January 2016: NOAA’s standard 4-month bleaching outlook shows threat of bleaching continuing in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Kiribati, and potentially expanding into the Republic of the Marshall Islands. (Credit: NOAA)

Women on a mission … to Antarctica and beyond.

It has taken a few weeks, but it is slowly sinking in that in just over a years time I will be on my way to Antarctica. This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, but it gets even better. I will be sharing this voyage as part of a collective group of female scientists aspiring to elevate the role of women in leadership positions globally and promote the importance of understanding and conserving our polar regions for a sustainable future.

Just this morning, I had my first exciting taste of what’s to come, in a conference call with over 30 other Homeward Bound expedition participants from around the world, varying in expertise from teachers and neuroscientists to geologists and mathematicians. We were instantly connected and resolute in our purpose for this project; to reach out the broader global community through education and science communication, and empower women to be leaders and influence change. I’m beyond excited for the next year in which we will develop this initiative and for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing network of women in science.

See my application for the expedition here:

*Image credit: National Geographic

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